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Flexible, Feasible, and Functional

Gives your x86 new life and more flexibility

inefi Aura, is the first software that gives x86 new life and more flexibility to operate and work with Android applications.


Why inefi Aura?

inefi Aura is a native Android OS that is deeply integrated with the hardware on all Intel platforms. This increases the flexibility and functionality of any device, making it perfect for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

Source: Android Taking Off in the Enterprise, An IDC Infographic & Survey

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Android devices in Enterprises are expected to grow by 23% over the next five years

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77% of business organizations have shown a preference for Android devices

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More and more enterprises are adopting Android applications to offer service

Choose inefi Aura for seamless integration of native Android OS and Intel hardware, capitalizing on the growing trend of Android devices in enterprises. Stay ahead of the competition, streamline operations, and excel with inefi Aura as your trusted Android solution!

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Unlock Limitless Possibilities

The higher capability of hardware integration, which means that it can work seamlessly with a wider range of devices

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Optimize Business Operations

Unleash the best performance of Android OS in the industry, allowing businesses to optimize their operations and increase efficiency

One Platform, Total Control

Streamline your device management and ensure a seamless experience across diverse environments with inefi Spotlight

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Adopt Spotlight Day 1 on Your Aura Devices

To further enhance the advantage of inefi Aura, clients can choose to adopt inefi Spotlight and manage all OS including Android, Windows, and Linux just with one platform.

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Features of inefi Spotlight

  • Device Management

  • Peripheral Management

  • Remote Control

  • Active Management

  • Guardian Mode

  • Content Management

Features of inefi Aura

  • Rejuvenates old machines

  • Seamless HW integration

  • Perfect synergy with inefi Spotlight

  • Auto provision including license key

  • Firmware Over-the-Air

  • APP Updates

Contact us today and let's make it happen together!

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