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Select the device management on the menu bar. Device management is your one-stop shop for managing all of your devices.


The devices table contains all of your devices. If you click through a device, you will see detailed specific information around that device.

  • App Installation: Single shot application installs on a specific device

  • Firmware Upgrade: Single shot firmware upgrade on Android devices

  • Command Centre: Send through System commands for devices. System commands focuses on device commands.

  • Reboot: Sends a single reboot command to the system

  • Maintenance Mode: Increases the device check-in time for real-time support resolutions.

  • Screenshot: Returns a screenshot of the primary display. To view the full-size image this can be saved.

  • ProcessList: Returns a list of processes from Windows devices, which can be sorted by CPU/Memory Usage. Click the Red        to kill a process.

  • Unenroll Device: Remove the device from Inefi and return the license to the license pool. 

You will also have the ability to do the following options:

If your peripherals are supported then other commands may be available in the peripherals tab.



If a device is offline when the command is sent, the device is removed from the inefi license pool, however if the device returns online it will re-enroll.

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