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What's New in inefi Spotlight Portal V2.11

Prevent Potential Losses with the Peripheral Disconnected Alert

Jun 27, 2024

At inefi, delivering a smart and efficient UEM solution is our top priority. To enhance the experience and provide accurate, up-to-date insights for our retail business owners, we've updated V2.11, which enables proactive measures to ensure smooth operations across their technology landscapes.

Stay Informed with Peripheral Disconnection Alerts.

inefi Spotlight V2.11 introduces a new feature to alert you instantly when peripherals encounter an offline or disconnected situation. By integrating with the Premium administration settings, you can manage peripheral alerts and configure different group email addresses.

Monitoring the status of peripherals is crucial for businesses that rely on revenue-critical devices. With timely alerts, you can troubleshoot issues promptly and prevent potential business losses due to peripheral disconnections.

Closing remarks

At inefi, we are committed to being an innovative UEM expert and continuously listening to the market's needs. Through constant conversations with our partners and clients, we strive to refine our products and proactively develop features that provide the next-level device management solution for retail, hospitality, and other industries.

If you have any questions or feedback while using our latest v2.11 update, please don't hesitate to contact our customer representatives.

inefi, Let's Unify!

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