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Copy of Flytech Introduces New UEM Solutions (inefi) to Spark Innovation of IoT Technology

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN - (March. 18th,2021)

Flytech Technology (6206.TW), a worldwide leader in ODM solutions for Point-of-Service, self-service and embedded computing system, is proud to announce the launch of a new cloud-based UEM solutions aimed at enabling the Internet of Things with complete unified endpoint management and increasing the productivity of the workforce. The UEM platform offering is called inefi which is empowered by Flytech.

Simplify Remote Management and Gain Visibility across All Devices

The deployment of inefi optimizes the operations and increases the visibility to control a diverse set of hardware endpoints including POS, Kiosk, Panel PC, Tablet, digital signage display, peripherals and many more. Flytech’s customers can leverage the inefi UEM platform through cloud-based service to their current environment, enabling to streamline IT controls across these devices and reduce maintenance costs from service network.

Increase Efficiency

Device issues, technical problems, software errors and glitches can seriously hamper the productivity of employees. Solving these quickly and extending resolutions for a diverse set of devices within several locations is a critical service challenge. Utilizing inefi UEM platform can save on-site troubleshooting expenses, providing rapid response and maximizing device uptime.

Save in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The total cost of ownership of technology ties together not only the cost of the physical infrastructure but also the expenses associated with implementation, repair and maintenance. With inefi UEM platform, the customers can get a single console to manage different devices. The centralized platform for device analytics provides a consistent support across a multi-device architecture, enabling customers to drastically reduce TCO for infrastructure, licensing and operational management.

“ Flytech is evolving now. Being the World’s 3rd largest POS manufacturer, we are experienced and capable in designing application-specific hardware. Moreover, we understand the pain points of managing enterprises’ endpoints. Inefi UEM organizes and prioritizes devices, enabling faster solutions for provisioning, deployment, tracking and updates. “ said Rick Shue, Vice President of the UEM Business Unit at Flytech.

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About Flytech

A global leader in ODM solutions, Flytech revolutionized the IPC industry when it was introduced in 1984. Today, Flytech aims to inspire the success of our worldwide customers by continuously pushing the boundaries of innovative technologies. Flytech is the public listed company based in Taiwan, and operates offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit

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