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Pan Oston

With years of steady cooperation with inefi, Pan Oston is always looking for the most innovative, yet realistic solutions for customers information, receiving, transaction and checkout process.

They use excellent "Dutch & Swiss" design to develop check-out solutions that meet the needs of our customers 100%. This is done through a process of consultancy, in-house product design and engineering, prototyping and rigorous testing, production, assembly, installation and after-sales service. They facilitate and support customer’s ideas from start to finish, creating future-proof solutions as you imagine them.

inefi Spotlight – Showcasing on Pan Oston’s booth at EuroCIS 2024

About Pan Oston

Since 1969, Pan Oston has been designing, manufacturing and installing checkout, self-service and kiosk solutions that fit seamlessly into any store format, series such as SLIM, ESSENCE, BLUE FIRE, or SENSE. They are always looking for the most innovative, yet realistic solutions for customers’ information, receiving, transaction and checkout process.

Pan Oston is a 100% Dutch company that specializes in creating and designing check-out, self-service and kiosk solutions for the European and Scandinavian market with a focus on the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

For more than 50 years, Pan Oston with more than 200 specialists has been ready to create the best checkout, self-service and kiosk solutions for you every day.

Image Source: Pan Oston B.V.

Case Sharing

Q1. Can you provide an overview of your organization and its primary business activities?



At Pan Oston, our mission is to be a full-service POS & Checkout provider. We want to contribute to our customers success by providing them with the highest quality retail technology solutions.


We want to be a knowledge partner for checkout and selfservice solutions in a retail environment. By advising, helping and supporting our customers we are able to find creative and flexible tailor-made solutions ensuring the best solution for their specific challenge. 

Image Source: Pan Oston B.V.

Q2. What were the main challenges or pain points your organization was facing before implementing our MDM/UEM solution – inefi Spotlight?

A: We were not able to see what was happening with the devices in the field. When sending out a service engineer it was not clear what he would find or what he could expect. Sometimes it was not necessary to send a service engineer at all. This generates high costs and occupation of a valuable engineer.

Image Source: Pan Oston B.V.

Q3. How did you come to the decision to implement inefi Spotlight, and what were your objectives in doing so?

A: We want to be more proactive instead of reactive. By knowing upfront which malfunction a device has, we can act pro-actively. With inefi we can even solve issues remotely and have a malfunction fixed before customers even report an issue. In many cases our service engineers do not have to be sent out and this is very cost effective.

Q4. Can you describe the process of selecting and implementing inefi Spotlight within your organization?

A: For Pan Oston, the most important option was being able to monitor connected USB devices. Most components are connected through USB. There are only few, if any, components connected via the network. Research has shown few tools that could do this and, once again, were easy to implement. inefi proved to be an excellent exception.

Q5. What specific features or functionalities of inefi Spotlight have been most beneficial to your organization?

A: As reported above, monitoring USB-connected components was a primary requirement. inefi offers the ability to monitor our printers, monitors, scanners, etc. And the dashboard provides a ‘one eye’ overview of all assets.

Q6. How have you measured the success or effectiveness of the MDM/UEM solution since its implementation?

A: We currently have too little data to get a clear picture of its effectiveness. What we can see is that for the most common failures, we use the “reset peripheral” option to get everything working again.

Also, the history option helps us to see how often a how long a failure has occurred.

Image Source: Pan Oston B.V.

Q7. How does the integration of Epson printers with Pan Oston's systems and inefi's UEM solution enhance the overall customer experience in frontline stores, particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors?

A: The integration of Epson printers within our systems, alongside inefi's UEM solution, has revolutionized the way we cater to our customers on the frontline. 

Epson printers, known for their reliability and efficiency, seamlessly complement Pan Oston's terminal solutions, ensuring smooth transactions and optimal operational efficiency.

inefi has been working with Epson and utilizes Epson API deep integration for printers, so that we gain real-time insights into peripheral status, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing disruptions. It also provides us the possibility to reset in any case of need! 

This cross-team collaboration of Pan Oston, inefi, and Epson not only ensures a superior customer experience but also drives productivity and cost savings for our clients in the retail and hospitality sectors. It’s 100% teamwork, truly amazing.

Image Source: Epson UK Ltd

Q8. What feedback or testimonials do you have from key stakeholders or users within your organization regarding inefi Spotlight?

A: The best feedback comes from the service department. They no longer must go out for simple failures. A printer reset often solves the problem already. This saves a lot of time and money.

Q9. Looking ahead, how do you envision continuing to leverage inefi Spotlight to meet your organization's evolving needs?

A: We hope to get more specific data on the various USB devices in the future. Not just whether a device is on/off. But more in-depth data.In addition, it would be great if we could also read the “control boxes” of the checkouts.

Q10. Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience with inefi?

A: inefi listened to us. All comments were heard and acted upon. It was a collaboration and not just a customer-supplier relationship.

I look forward to a long-term and close cooperation!

And most important: Our customers benefit from our use of inefi.

Eric Roeland – Service Manager of Pan Oston

Closing Remarks

Through continuous innovation and high-quality service, inefi has effectively addressed Pan Oston's customer service challenges and improved workforce efficiency. This success has earned Pan Oston's trust and support, making them one of inefi's most important business partners. Together, inefi and Pan Oston look forward to a future of shared success and continued collaboration!

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