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inefi x Partners:
Unlimited Opportunities with FIRST SMART UEM Solution

Join inefi’s Partner Network to unlock new opportunities.

Let our “Better Together” Story begin today! 

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Partner Praise

Discover why our product is loved


- Glen Irving 
Sales Director of Celestra


inefi have managed to create an incredibly well-crafted product, which will allow us to change the fundamental approach to supporting our clients. The need to move away from reactive maintenance of ever-critical hardware, must continue to evolve into a proactive approach. inefi gives us that visibility, ensuring our clients are serving coffee or cooking burgers, rather than calling help desks, allowing them time to deliver that exceptional customer experience we all demand!

Glen Irving - Sales Director of Celestra

Partner Categories

Together, we help you succeed with our UEM software expertise, sales support, and joint product solutions for hardware.

Reseller Partner

We value our partners, we’re working as a team to provide total solutions to delight our customers from day 1. Reseller partners play an important role of our partner network, including branded hardware partners, system integrators, service providers and so on. We get along day and night, unite and cooperate for Win-Win!

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Strategic Partner

We are committed to creating a complete SMART UEM solution, and drive an optimal endpoint management ecosystem with Strategic Partners. Strategic partners include a large number of platform and peripheral device partners. We work together to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and create the best ROI for customers!

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Take your business to the next level

inefi UEM experts plan, build, roll out, manage and optimize your operational environment for business success. Whether you are starting a new journey or looking for support on your existing goals, our UEM experts can help you reach better outcomes at every step of the way.

Benefits of Being inefi’s Partners

inefi helps your businesses grow. Our partners generate incremental revenue from expanding their IT management capabilities with inefi UEM software, and selling more of their additional services.

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With the goal of making it easy for our customers to win big, the inefi UEM experts stand ready to provide the customers with everything they need to succeed.


Realize your outcomes safely and securely – We focus on protecting your critical business assets with our emphasis on endpoint security.

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We minimize operational risk and maximize positive business impact – You can keep track of RETURN ON IT INVESTMENT at every stage of the journey.

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Partner with inefi

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