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Customer Success Services

Grow your business with inefi. Pair your hardware solutions with inefi’s dedicated device management platform to power your business operations and customer experiences at scale. 

Manage a diversified spectrum of endpoints

Highly scalable

Accelerate issue resolution

Enhance productivity and agility

Ensure service levels

Optimize TCO


Partner Program

Together, we help you succeed with our UEM software expertise, sales support and joint product solutions for hardware. 

Hardware Partner 

Our enterprise class and commercial grade platform provides reliability, security and availability. By integrating inefi Spotlight UEM software and services, our hardware partners can accelerate and increase the business sales and operational efficiency. 

Value-added hardware selling.

An out-of-the-box full stack solution offering.

An extension to the market viability of existing Windows, Linux and Android hardware.

Monitor and manage both computing devices and connected peripherals to increase remote control capability. 

System Integrator Partner
Service Provider Partner

inefi’s System Integrator Partners/Managed Service Providers/Independent Software Partners have the opportunity to deliver world-class leading UEM solutions as an advanced systems management, patch and endpoint protection service. 

A complete end-to-end solution with powerful UEM tools for Windows, Linux and Android deployment, and application management that’s easy to use. 

Extend the opportunity to renew service contract and grow the network of customers.

An enterprise grade solutions built for any industry, including Retail, Hospitality and so many more.

Enterprise Partner

inefi Spotlight UEM software can be implemented with little to no additional burden on your existing IT team and without the need for the steep learning curves. The easy-to-use configuration allows for the simple setup and provides immediate insights with your existing IT operations. 

Pain-free implementation and smooth integration.

Gain real time visibility and control through the instant analytics that aids in timely decision making.

Real-time remediation of the issues identified.

Comprehensive compliance and security management.

hardware partner
Enterprise Partner


inefi UEM experts plan, build, rollout, manage and optimize your operational environment for business success. Whether you are starting a new journey or looking for support on your existing goals, our UEM experts can help you reach better outcomes at every step of the way. 


System Integrator

Realize your outcomes safely and securely – We focus on protecting your critical business assets with our emphasis on endpoint security.

Proven to Deliver Results

We minimize operational risk and maximize positive business impact – You can keep track of RETURN ON IT INVESTMENT at every stage of the journey.

Benefits of Becoming inefi’s Partners

Joint Growth

inefi helps your businesses grow. Our partners generate incremental revenue from expanding their IT management capabilities with inefi UEM software, and selling more of their additional services.    


With the goal of making it easy for our customers to win big, the inefi UEM experts stand ready to provide the customers with everything they need to succeed. 

Find UEM Solutions that meet your needs

If you have questions for the inefi solutions or are looking for a product demo, fill in the following form and our team will contact you.


Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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