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Elevate Retail Business with inefi UEM Solutions

With the shift from brick-and-mortar to online occurring across the retail industry, the customer’s in-store experience becomes even more important. inefi UEM solutions not only provide device and peripheral integration service but also have real-time monitoring and remote control capabilities to help retailers deliver a seamless and consistent customer experiences.

Are These Problems What You’re Facing Now?

Day-to-Day Device Maintenance Requires Higher Cost

There’s the number of devices to be used at each of the retail locations. Managing the store devices often comes with large amounts of time and money investment requirements. Each device might require different configurations, OS platforms and hardware connections, making it hard to manage efficiently. 
In order to run smoothly the store operations and support frontline staff to provide the best customer services, you might rely on the maintenance technicians to make sure all devices are in working order, especially if you need to pay on-call rates. 

Managing Application Deployment Takes Lots of Manpower

Whether you are running the global business or small and mid-sized enterprises, managing software deployments for diverse devices in stores on a large scale becomes common challenges for IT technicians. Different time zones and regional business strategy make it even more challenging and complicated. How to keep applications up to date across all the devices requires substantial investments of time and financial and human resources. 

inefi Secures Your Retail Business Dimensions 

From frontline store management to backend service, inefi provides the comprehensive UEM solutions to fulfill daily business demands and give retailers the strong visibility across all devices. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Empower Your Business from The First Line

inefi provides retailers with a dynamic dashboard to get full visibility over their IT estate. By tracking the devices status from a single console, retailers can discover the threats predictively and fix potential issues quickly.
For day-to-day device management, inefi supports automated endpoint management at scale, which includes auto-provisioning, auto-deployment and package scheduling, making device management more efficiently and keeping your employees connected from anywhere and anytime.

Remote Control

Strong Backup for Device Maintenance

inefi provides IT team with a seamless remote access for the device workforce and helps to increase business efficiency and employee productivity. In case of any technical glitches or errors, the IT team can provide remote assistance to the frontline staff in need of technical support. inefi understands that in today’s digital workspace requirements have posed challenges to IT team tasked with facilitating ease of access and functionality to retail environment. By working with inefi UEM solutions, it allows IT team to configure device issues in advance in order to help lower IT overhead costs and hardware expenses. 

Data Analytics 

Use Data to Accelerate Your Business Strategy

Being unclear on whether the store devices are performing the way they are supposed to is one of the challenging risk for IT management.
inefi UEM solutions enable the retailers to track and monitor devices status and issues related to performance and applications from a single console. Retail enterprises can get insights on how their devices are working and help make informed decisions regarding the IT asset management strategy. 
inefi UEM platform is a convergence of large amount of data collected from multiple endpoints and apps, so the business insights can be drawn from the data collected using inefi UEM solutions.

*inefi does not collect any data inside any personal applications.

Find UEM Solutions that meet your needs

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