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Centralized Device Management Helps Drive Restaurant Efficiencies

Success in the restaurant business requires dedication, hard work, and long hours, this makes managing a restaurant remotely a challenge. With inefi Spotlight UEM solution, you can use a single console to have full visibility into all devices and connected peripherals in your restaurants, allowing you to remotely manage both your FOH and BOH with the goal to enhance customer services and make the restaurant operation more efficient.

Restaurant Landscape Is Changing

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Self-Service is Transforming Customer Experience

In the way of recovering from the pandemic, many restaurants remain in providing contactless service to customers. As convenience and speed are key elements to the customer journey, delivering food in a timely and accurate manner leads to higher customer satisfaction and greater customer retention.
Self-ordering kiosks allow for orders to come in seamlessly without the back-and-forth conversation. The restaurant staff can attend to other tasks and customers also have a new, contactless way to order that is quick and self-paced. However, maintaining self-ordering kiosks can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive effort. It would be an even bigger challenge to maintain them across multiple locations. 

Paperless Enhances Restaurant Kitchen Management

Handwritten orders have a way of getting lost, not making it to the correct kitchen prep station, and causing errors from illegible handwriting. 
In a busy restaurant environment, the advanced kitchen display system (KDS) can help eliminate the middleman and easily organize incoming orders by priority. Moving the restaurant to a paperless system will certainly level up the efficiency, but it will also require the additional cost of device maintenance and repair. 

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AI Boosts Drive-Thru Efficiency

Before the pandemic, the drive-thru was already one of the biggest sales drivers for quick-service restaurants. As the dust settles on the pandemic impact, restaurants were forced to pivot from dine-in to drive-thru, curbside pickup, and deliveries. 
In order to avoid driving off and abandoning the wait due to long lines, restaurants need to view, analyze, predict, and act based on real-time data and insights. 
The use of video cameras with AI-powered analysis of visual data is an emerging combination of technologies to evaluate what’s happening in real time in drive-thru lines and curbside pickup areas. With AI voice recognition for automated ordering systems, it helps assist restaurants with a faster and more accurate ordering process at the drive-thru.
No matter which AI solution is used, restaurants are always looking for reliable device management solutions to help them optimize efficiency and ensure they are well-positioned to manage the change in focus from interior dining to exterior services. 

Accelerate Restaurant Business with inefi UEM Solutions 

inefi secures your restaurant business for every dimension of management – from first-line customer support to back-end operations, inefi provides completed UEM solutions to fulfill customer demand with flexible operations management.

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FOH Management

Boost Efficiency with Real-Time Monitoring

Device breakdowns during rush hours may be the worst nightmare for restaurants. It can not only decrease customer retention but also impact the business revenue. To ensure maximum uptime and optimal configuration, all the devices in workflows must be connected and manageable. With the dynamic dashboard of inefi Spotlight, restaurant operators can easily centralize the device management. IT team can also deliver consistent device configuration, higher availability, and tighter security to ensure visibility of all assets whether they are directly on-premise or at remote locations.

BOH Management

Maximize Device Uptime with Remote Control

Using multiple management tools to manage different endpoint devices in different locations results in lots of manuals and repeated work for IT teams. Moreover, it may increase the risks of inconsistencies and misconfigurations that can leave the endpoints vulnerable to attack. 
By creating a single and central dashboard where IT teams can view and manage every connected device, inefi UEM solution helps reduce the work and the risk greatly, and allow IT teams to monitor an array of metrics and status in detail to assess the health of the endpoint and decide on the next actions with clarity. 
With the capability of diagnosing issues remotely, it helps restaurants to achieve their business goals by maximizing the device uptime while reducing the maintenance cost. 

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inefi dashboard
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Use Data to Support Your Business Strategy

Integration with inefi UEM solution means that comprehensive data and control can be provided. It enables restaurant operators to have detailed analytics about device usage and get insights on how their devices are working in order to make strategic decisions with confidence for IT asset management.

*inefi does not collect any data inside any personal applications.

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