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How UEM is Revolutionizing the Retail and Hospitality: Real-World Examples

Transforming Retail and Hospitality Support: The inefi Spotlight Advantage

In the fast-paced world of retail and hospitality, every second counts. Let's dive into the numbers and a vivid scenario to see how inefi Spotlight's cutting-edge approach stacks up against the traditional support model. Meet Jane, a dedicated store manager, and her trusted ally, Sarah from the helpdesk, as they embark on a journey of transformation.

Traditional Model: The Tale of Frustration

Jane, a seasoned manager, faced a situation familiar to many in her industry when her POS printer threw in the towel. Here's what happened in stark numbers (based on the true story):

  • Jane logged a support ticket, bracing herself for what was to come. Support could take hours or even days to respond.

  • 30 minutes to 3 days passed as emails, phone calls, and remote access attempts filled her day. No resolution in sight.

  • Jane's ticket then made its way to Mark, an engineer from a third-party service company, who needed a whole day to arrive on-site.

  • Diagnosis? A simple loose power cable. After a swift reconnection and a quick test, the ticket was closed.

Businesses cost abundent time and money on troubleshooting device management problems without the device management solution.

The grim reality? Jane's store endured a staggering 1 to 5 days of chaos and revenue loss, all because of a disconnected printer.

inefi Intelligent Insights: The Hero of the Hour

Now, let's fast-forward to Jane's life after embracing inefi Spotlight, the game-changer for retail and hospitality. Here, numbers tell the story of efficiency:

  • Jane's printer disconnected again, but inefi Spotlight was on the case within moments, before Jane could even pick up the phone.

  • Sarah, a helpdesk expert, saw the alert and knew precisely what to do. She dialed Jane instantly.

  • In just 30 minutes, with Sarah's guidance, Jane successfully reconnected the printer, resolving the issue.

With our uem solution, now your helpdesks understand the root causes and can solve problems proactively and instantly.

The result? Jane's store was up and running in just 30 minutes, with zero lost revenue and no unnecessary delays. inefi Spotlight had not only saved the day but also transformed the way Jane's business handled technical issues.

In this real-life story, with the help of inefi Spotlight and Sarah's expertise, Jane turned a potential 5-day nightmare into a mere 30-minute hiccup. That's a remarkable 10 to 240 times faster issue resolution!

Join Jane, Sarah, and countless others who have made the switch to inefi Spotlight, where every device is monitored, every issue is tackled swiftly, and every customer's experience is a priority. Say goodbye to the old way of doing things and embrace the future of Unified Endpoint Management with inefi Spotlight. Your business will thank you for it!


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