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Android Device Management 

inefi Spotlight helps organizations realize the full potential of Android for enhanced business collaboration and productivity, giving you full control to manage apps, configurations, and enterprise settings remotely. 

Gain Total Visibility into Your Android Devices

With inefi Spotlight, you can manage all your Android devices through one unified management system.

digital signage

Digital Signage

kiosk in restaurant
point of sale


Interactive Kiosk



industrial panel pc

Industrial Panel PC

Empower Your Android Devices with Advanced Remote Management

Manage Android Devices Remotely

APK Scheduling

Kiosk Mode

Content Delivery

Zero Touch Enrollment

Dynamic Monitoring

APK Scheduling 

" Seamless installation, update and distribution "

Using inefi Spotlight, you can update your OS remotely and deploy the APKs to any chosen group of devices. You can install applications without any intervention and update your devices with the latest features and security enhancements at any time. 


Kiosk Mode 

" Support a Wide Range of Enterprise Scenarios "

With the locked-down kiosk mode, you can securely manage the content of your devices. You can change your interactive signage displays, point-of-sale systems, or customer-facing applications to the settings that you need. inefi Spotlight increases the flexibility of your devices across a range of use-cases.

Content Delivery

" Turn Your Devices into Digital Signage "

inefi Spotlight makes content delivery simple. Choose the content you need, drag and drop it over to a group of devices and you'll see the updated content on your devices straight away.
You can even schedule playlists and applications in advance to avoid any business interruption when you're updating your devices.


Zero Touch Enrollment

" Over-the-Air Provisioning "

inefi Spotlight is a cloud-based service that allows you to pre-provision devices in bulk. This means you don't have to manually set up each device. Once the devices are connected to the internet, they will download and install automatically from the inefi Cloud.


Dynamic Monitoring  

" Enhanced Business Productivity "

With dynamic dashboards, you can track the health status of your devices at any time. Remote screenshot capability makes it easy to detect key issues quickly while increasing uptime and operational efficiency. 

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