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inefi Spotlight

The Only Platform for Your Endpoint and Peripheral Management

Gain full visibility and control of your mobile devices, POS systems, kiosks, self-checkouts, and associated peripheral devices on the only hardware-agnostic platform, inefi Spotlight.

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One Platform, Controls All

Unify Your Mobile Devices, Operational Endpoints, and Peripherals with inefi Spotlight

inefi Spotlight, the first smart UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) platform empowers big, small, or medium-sized enterprises to manage, monitor, and secure both connected endpoints and peripheral devices in real-time, helping businesses simplify device management and increase remote control capability.

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One for All: Hardware-Agnostic Solution

Unify All Devices on a Single Platform

Take full control of your corporate devices without any brand, vendor, or device type limitations with our hardware-agnostic solution. Centralize your Windows, Android, and Linux devices in one management platform. Experience cross-device interoperability and deployment flexibility.

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Streamline Onboarding: Auto Provision

Deploy and Enroll Devices with Automation

Attain zero-touch enrollment with our automated provisioning service. With inefi Spotlight, you can pre-provision devices in bulk, ensuring endpoints are ready for immediate use without manual setup. Save your time and speed up your onboarding workflows.

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Increase Visibility: Peripheral Management

Obtain a 360° View of Peripherals

Not only endpoints. Track your printers, barcode scanners, touch screens, and more from a global perspective. inefi Spotlight provides you with real-time updates on peripheral performance, allowing you to resolve issues promptly or take proactive maintenance actions in advance.


Uncover Downtime Causes: Active Management

Reduce Downtime and Increase Productivity

Lighten the burden of on-site services support with our Active Management solution. inefi Spotlight allows you to identify whether hardware or software issues caused the crashes and assists helpdesks in resolving problems remotely.


Your Path to Device Management
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The Ultimate UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) Solution Awaits

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Hardware Agnostic 

Unify your device fleet on a single platform, regardless of brand and vendor. 


Multiple OS Support

Centralize all your IT assets on our platform, with support for Windows, Linux, and Android systems.

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Auto Provision

Deploy and register devices automatically with just a few clicks.

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Remote Control

Send remote commands to troubleshoot the crashed device immediately.

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Peripheral Management

Support 100+ certified peripherals. Gain a comprehensive overview of your device fleet and related peripheral devices.

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Auto Alert

Receive instant notifications when device statuses change. 


Active Management

Quickly power on malfunctioning devices or perform remote recovery and OS backup for your system-crashed devices. 

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Content Management

Easily assign media and establish display schedules with our intuitive drag-and-drop solution.

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Guardian Mode

Utilize inefi repeaters to manage internal and external network connections to comply with company policies.

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