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One-stop Unified
Endpoint Management

inefi provides highly automated and integrated UEM tools that significantly help empower IT teams to troubleshoot rapidly, increase the productivity of the workforce and reduce costs of engineering site visits. 

inefi dashboard
inefi mobil

inefi Spotlight - First Smart UEM

Seeing demands from many customers –  more than 30% of customer support requests are related to peripherals, especially in the hospitality and retail industry.

inefi provides a single and centralized platform for endpoint management which can monitor and manage both computing devices and connected peripherals, helping the customers simplify device management and increase remote control capability.

inefi UEM platform allows enterprises to easily push out device policies, applications and settings and helps devices go smoothly from out-of-the-box to in-use with better baselining.

Ensure Your Business is Always 
Safe and Connected

A unified experience connects you with customers and streamlines store operations. Using the inefi UEM platform, it can keep associates connected, effective and at peak productivity, helping set your business operations up for success.

inefi cloud connects to devices

Manage Deployments

Effortlessly manage and control devices in different time zones and workgroups.

inefi cloud
inefi connect
inefi PC

Remote Control

Provide resolutions faster and reduce device returns.

lock down mode for a kiosk

Lockdown Devices

Lock the devices in kiosk mode to prevent unauthorized access.

increase visibility

Increase Visibility

Save costs and time spent on troubleshooting in person.

real time tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Total visibility into the status of your assets and enhance operations anytime.

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Advanced Peripheral
Device Management

With an umbrella approach of Unified Endpoint Management, inefi provides enterprise features to manage all endpoints and associated peripherals within an organization from a central location. You can integrate and view your peripheral devices and other managed devices at any time. 

With inefi,  problem solved easier!

With decades of experience in the hospitality, retail, and AIoT industry, we understand the pain points challenging business operations, especially peripheral management. inefi Spotlight UEM solutions provide security updates, patch management, software deployment, remote control options, and overall quick remediation capabilities for the majority of peripherals connected.

It helps accelerate the process of performing daily IT operational tasks and they can easily manage a diverse set of devices and peripherals across the Windows, Linux, and Android platforms.

By comprehensive testing on hundreds of peripheral devices, we continuously strive to provide the best peripheral integration services to our customers and ensure that IT administrators can integrate seamlessly with inefi Spotlight UEM and other third-party solutions.


Printer management on EPSON and Star printing devices.



Fingerprint Reader management on DigitalPersona devices

Fingerprint Reader


NFC Reader management on Ingenico devices

NFC Reader


Smart Card Reader management on IDTECH devices

Smart Card Reader


RFID Reader management on HID devices

RFID Reader


Touch function management with EETI touch controller



MSR Reader management on Ingenico devices

MSR Reader


Barcode Scanner management on Honeywell devices

2D Barcode Scanner

peripheral dashboard
peripheral category
peripheral error

Custom Peripherals

We support our customers to test and integrate the custom peripherals with inefi UEM software.  

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your business goals.


inefi Spotlight UEM solutions comprehensively address the complex requirements of peripheral management. 

How difficult to understand the real problems of the system during the service call? 

How many times of engineering visits on average to solve a peripheral issue, such as printer, scanner or touch display? 

Tailored All-in-One Services

 App Build





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