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inefi Enabled

Redefine Device Management 

Welcome to the inefi Enabled Program, a pioneering initiative by inefi that sets the stage for a new era of device management. 

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A Streamlined Management Solution for Your Business 

inefi Enabled Program is designed to cater to the unique needs of the Retail and Hospitality sectors, this program leverages the power of inefi Spotlight, our flagship Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution.

Enhanced Manageability for Diverse Device Types

From Point-of-Sale (POS) system to Kiosk, Self-Checkout and Panel PC, all Industrial PCs (IPCs) are eligible for the inefi Enabled Program. You will be at the center of all your devices, you’re in control over your entire device fleet.


Streamlined Enrollment with "Auto Provision"

Purchase inefi Spotlight licenses and effortlessly enroll all your inefi Enabled devices using the "Auto Provision" feature. Save time, increase efficiency, and scale up your device management seamlessly.

Exclusive inefi Enabled Sticker

Devices participating in the program receive an exclusive "inefi Enabled" sticker, symbolizing their integration with our cutting-edge UEM solution. It's not just a sticker, it's a mark of quality, innovation, and enhanced manageability.


Elevate Your Business Operations

Elevate your business operations with the inefi Enabled Program—where innovation meets simplicity.

Partner Benefits

  • Reinforce Solution with Auto Provision 

  • Impress Clients with Streamlined Device Onboarding


Customer Benefits

  • Simplify the Device Onboarding Process

  • Elevate Business Operational Efficiency

  • Significantly Save Time and Costs

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