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Windows Device Management 

inefi Spotlight maximizes uptime, increases efficiency, and simplifies management by surfacing accurate insights and remote resolution, enabling you to service your global endpoints. 

Secure, Monitor, and Manage all Your Windows Devices

a panel PC that UEM software can control and manage
a tablet that UEM software can manage
a kiosk device that UEM software can manage
peripherals like mPos and scanner that UEM software inefi can manage
POS (point-of-sale) that UEM software inefi can manage
the dashboard UI of a unified endpoint software

Panel PC





Manage Windows Devices Remotely

advanced telemetry that offer remote monitor to your devices

Advanced Telemetry

 Peripheral Management 

Application Installation

Historical Analysis

Advanced Telemetry

" Remote monitoring and managebility "

Giving you powerful insights and analytics to all your Windows endpoints ensuring total visibility and predictability.

charts and statistic data showing on dashboard
devices like pos, kiosk and tablet surrounding a UEM platform
Peripheral Management_n-37.png

Peripheral Management 

" Get your devices business-ready anytime  "

Easily deploy updated settings to the peripherals on Windows endpoints. Enterprises can configure and recover the peripherals remotely to increase operational efficiency. 

Application Installation

" Reduce risk and increase productivity  "

Deploy applications remotely to ensure your desired endpoint configuration. inefi Spotlight provides comprehensive features for application management, including installation,  updating, scheduling, and removal.  

kiosk with applications installed
applications installed to device

Historical Analysis

" Know what’s on your network "

inefi Spotlight can provide you visibility of all endpoints and associated peripherals in your estate. Remove the guesswork through intelligent insights, enabling clarity over your operation.

anchor_advanced telemetry
Anchor_application installation
dashboard for historical analysis
find the error

Find UEM Solutions that meet your needs

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