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Release Notes V 1.2.25

inefi Windows Agent

Mar 29, 2023


  1. If your EPSON printer driver is "EPSON Advanced Printer Driver Ver6" or higher, the "Status API for EPSON Advanced Printer Driver 6" or later API package must be installed on the client system, otherwise the correct status can't be read.

  2. Please install "windowsdesktop-runtime-5.0.12-win-x86.exe" first.

Release Notes

  • Agent:

  • UI:

    • Add en-us(default)/zh-tw/zh-cn language support and detect system language to switch display language at startup.

  • Device:

    • Remove redundant devices from the DeviceList.ini.

    • Remove the WinRing0 driver used by the system device module.

    • Add standard certified devices


We’re already working on the next release to give our users a better experience.

Stay tuned for our new features. Please also feel free to contact us directly and give us any ideas!

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