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May 4, 2023

Release Notes V 2.5.0

inefi Spotlight Portal

See what's new on the latest version of inefi Spotlight!
In V 2.5.0 we added new features and enhancements to enhance the overall user experience.


  1. Recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser for inefi Spotlight portal

  2. Recommend the display setting scale at 100%

Release Notes

  • New Feature

    • Remote control v3 for android device

    • Guardian mode v1 for windows device

    • Certified peripheral centralized architecture support

  • Enhancement

    • Enhanced portal’s wording, phrases, and UI

    • Enhanced device list page feature


We’re already working on the next release to give our users a better experience.

Stay tuned for our new features. Please also feel free to contact us directly and give us any ideas!

Let's unify!

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