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What's New in inefi Spotlight V2.7.0

Mastering the Process from Device Onboarding to Alert Monitoring

Oct 26, 2023


Customized Alert Monitor Value

Ensure timely and relevant alerting notifications with our Customized Alert Monitor Value.🎯

The status of devices varies depending on the environments and situations. For instance, the temperature in a kitchen is different from that in a cold storage warehouse, and these scenarios affect devices differently. That’s the point why you need to set customized monitor values to track your device status more precisely.

With inefi Spotlight’s threshold-based alerts, now you can track key metrics of device status on the dashboard and get alert notifications while the conditions meet your requirements. Start saving your time and cost with our new feature, Customized Alert Monitor Value.

An alerting system tailored to real-world situations is crucial as it reduces false alarms and unnecessary panic.

Advanced Profile Setting Interface

Easily set up work profiles for your device groups from anywhere with just a few clicks and drags.


inefi Spotlight supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, and Android Universal. Regardless of your hardware brand or vendor, you can choose to select either a single operating system or multiple ones as needed on the settings page. Once selected, the relevant options will appear below, enabling you to easily create personalized profiles for your endpoints without any hassle.

Effortlessly configure your devices with our smarter and user-friendly setup interface.

Peripheral Centralization Enhancement

Stop wasting time on complex setups when registering your peripherals.

We’ve streamlined the peripheral registration process for every IT admin. With just a few clicks, your peripherals are ready to be monitored.

In the past, users had to download the agent from the portal whenever it was updated and were required to reboot their devices after installation. Now, thanks to our powerful peripheral centralization enhancement, users only need to click the rescan button. The system will automatically determine whether the peripheral is certified or not. If it’s certified, the system will register your peripheral automatically. If not, you can create a new peripheral list yourself, click rescan again, and your peripheral is ready to use! It’s just as simple as it sounds!

Register your peripherals easily with inefi Spotlight's peripheral centralization.

Stay Up to Date with New Notification Board

Check out the latest notifications or updates through the top notification board!

If there are any significant updates, we will publish the notification at the top of the website, check it out once you see it and stay up to date with us.

Stay updated with the latest news in inefi Spotlight.

PS: Users can access release notes in inefi Spotlight. Upon logging into the portal, simply click the version button located at the bottom of the navigation bar, and the latest release notes will appear.

Check out the release notes at the bottom of the navigation bar.

Have any questions? Our product experts are always here to help you succeed! 👉 Contact Us: Ask for product information or book a demo today!

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