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inefi Spotlight

inefi Spotlight provides total visibility and control of your business devices and associated peripherals with the unified management system.

Connects Business Intelligence with Remote Endpoint Management

inefi Spotlight leverages consistent, automated edge device monitoring and management, enabling deep infrastructure awareness and control for seamless operations throughout the network.

inefi Spotlight 
Product Overview

  • Real-time monitoring and control of devices and peripherals ensuring maximum uptime

  • Windows & Android & Linux Integration

  • Device configuration and policy enforcement

  • Single estate wide view of all your devices via inefi Spotlight Dashboard Auto-provisioning service

inefi Spotlight Features

Dynamic Dashboards

Device Monitoring

Device Grouping

Administration Management


Reboot / Reset

Package Scheduling

Remote Update BIOS

Peripherals Management & Control



Configuration Settings

APK / Content Delivery


Update OS (OTA)

inefi Spotlight Increase Business Critical Device Visibility

inefi intelligent cloud

inefi Intelligent Remote Management Capabilities 

Intelligent Service

Traditional Remote Management

Device Groups

Device Reboots