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Intel Market Ready Partner

First Smart UEM Solution

Consolidate and Manage any Platform & any Device – Anywhere, Anytime 

Making device management simple and effortless is our primary goal. inefi gives you the power to remotely control all your endpoints and associated peripherals, and you can make more confident and data-driven decisions about your IT investments.

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Stay Ahead, Stay in Business

Whether you are a big, small, or medium-sized business, securing and managing your connected devices has never been more important. inefi Spotlight UEM provides an integrated view of devices, users and apps across multiple platforms, including Android, Windows and Linux. 

Easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to maintain – the unprecedented control from a single console and trusted security, inefi maximizes the flexibility and visibility to keep your devices and employees connected from anywhere and anytime.  

Why inefi ?

remote control

Remote Control

Troubleshoots systems remotely

with multi-users collaboration.

IT asset management

IT Asset Management

Manage hardware assets and software within your network and track license details easily.

auto enrollment


Simplify the enrollment process by automatically registering devices following out-of-box experiences. 


Peripherals Management

Real-time tracking for the connected peripherals to reduce unnecessary and costly on-site repairs.

auto grouping


Device Grouping enables the use of the structure to enhance efficiency and simplify the management.

auto deployment


Auto-distribution of all packages in a working environment without any user intervention.

Maximize the Return on IT Investment


The total cost of ownership ties together not only the cost of the physical infrastructure but also the expenses associated with implementation, repair, and maintenance. 

With inefi UEM platform, you can get a single console to manage different devices. The centralized platform for device analytics provides consistent support across a multi-device architecture, enabling you to drastically reduce TCO for infrastructure, licensing, and operational management. 

Increase Business ROI at Every Step of the Process

Store uptime

Increase Store

Negotiation Assets

Enhance C-suite
Negotiation Assets

Decrease on-site visiting

Decrease On-site

Response time

Save Support
Team Response Time

Reduce service fee charge

Reduce Service
Fee Charge

If you would like to learn more about the ROI on your IT investment - Let’s connect.

Easily Connect and Manage Multiple Peripherals

We understand how difficult it is to find out the real problems during the service call. inefi Spotlight UEM solution not only provides total control to the endpoint devices but also addresses the complex requirements of peripheral management – without peripheral management, we would have not been achieved the goals of UEM.  

inefi intelligent

We support our customers to validate and integrate the custom peripherals with inefi UEM software.


inefi Strategic Partners 

inefi allies with world-class industry leaders in order to provide greater support for our customers from various markets.


Join our global partner channel network
and grow your business by delivering
world-class UEM solutions to your clients.

One Solution to Manage Your Entire IT Portfolio

Multi-Platform Endpoint Management 


Windows Devices Management


Linux Devices Management


Android Devices Management

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