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Introducing "Guardian Mode": Enhancing Data Security Beyond the Firewall

The Shield Your Local Fleets Need Against Cyber Attacks

Data security has always been and continues to be a critical concern for businesses, including our clients. Cybersecurity threats are increasing in frequency and complexity, as evidenced by an article in the Harvard Business Review, which states that 83% of companies experienced at least one data breach in 2022. Additionally, ransomware attacks increased by 13% that year. With the retail and hospitality industries having so much important business data stored on their local devices, such as sales records and customer information, ensuring the security of these devices is paramount.

In response to the concerns of one of the largest QSR franchises, we have developed “Guardian Mode” to enhance security in local fleets. This makes us the first Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution to prioritize data security. Consider this scenario: a local device is connected to an unsafe internet, and an unauthorized application attempts to breach it. This could result in a data breach or ransomware attack on the remaining devices, causing significant damage, not only internally, but also to the company's reputation, credit rating, and brand image. As a result, many businesses, including our clients, prefer their local fleets not to be connected to the extranet, yet they still require remote device management.

To fulfill our client's needs, our team has developed Guardian Mode to help mitigate this issue. It is similar to the concept of In-of-Band (IOB) management and utilizes a repeater to establish a secure remote connection to network environments that only authorized devices can connect to the intranet. By doing so, local devices communicate with the repeater within the intranet, which then passes the information to the IoT Hub and inefi Spotlight via encrypted internet, ensuring that all information remains safely within the intranet and is transferred with the secured internet.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Local devices exclusively connect to the "inefi Guardian Mode Repeater" within the intranet

  • Secure access to the IoT Hub is facilitated through the repeater via an "Encrypted Internet" connection

  • Ensuring the utmost security for all business-critical data within the "Intranet"

Guardian mode

With our unparalleled expertise in integrating hardware and software, we proudly stand as the sole UEM solution provider offering this unique Guardian Mode feature, designed to elevate the security of our client's business data. Why settle for less when you can choose us? Let us help you protect your valuable data, preserve your reputation, and solidify your defenses against cyber threats. Let's unify!


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