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Device Provisioning

Android System 

Generate Password:

Log into the inefi Portal as an Administrator
STEP 1: Select the Administration Tab
STEP 2: Select Licenses

STEP 3: Click the customer name

STEP 4: If no password exists, click " Generate Password "

STEP 5: Click "Save"
STEP 6: Click "Save" on the pop-out Window

Device Provisioning_Android2.png


It is recommended that you change your password periodically to enforce security. Please be aware that offline devices will require time to synchronize with the new password. If the password has changed multiple times since the device is online, the device may need to be manually provisioned.

The inefi Spotlight Agent is preinstalled on certified devices.

  1. Double Click the " Inefi Spotlight " App

  2. Input DEVICE NAME, CUSTOMER ID and PASSWORD (Generated through UI)

  3. Click Connect

  4. The inefi Agent will connect and register to the cloud.

Device Provisioning_Android3.png
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