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Device Provisioning


Generate Password:

Log into the inefi Portal as an Administrator
1.     Select the Administration Tab
2.    Select Licenses

3.    Click the customer name

4.    If no password exists, click " Generate Password "

5.    Click "Save"
6.    Click "Save" to the pop-out Window


It is recommended that you change your password periodically to enforce security. Please be aware that off-line devices will require time to synchronise with the new password. If the password has changed multiple times since the device is on-line, the device may need to be manually provisioned.

The inefi Spotlight Agent is preinstalled on certified devices.

  1. Double Click the " Inefi Spotlight " App

  2. Input DEVICE NAME, CUSTOMER ID and PASSWORD (Generated through UI)

  3. Click Activate

  4. The inefi Agent will connect and register to the cloud.

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