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Configuring Device Management

Select the device management on the menu bar. Device management is your one-stop shop for managing all of your devices.

Uploading Packages

The package page is where you can upload your own APK files and any OS updates.

Files distributed to your devices can be added or removed using the packages page.

APK Files

To upload an Android application ensure Command is set to “Install Application”.
You can then upload your APK files.

To update an existing application, please ensure the version Name and version Code are updated in accordance with the Android application best practice.

More information can be found at

If you are using the default application profile, you will have to select the new version of your package to ensure the correct version is loaded by default. The profile is required to be sent to the group.

Firmware/System Updates

To upload a system update, select the “Upgrade Firmware” option.
You can now upload firmware upgrade files.


Uploads greater than 700mb please contact support.

Installation Details

To see the installation of a package you need to do the following:

STEP1: Select Device Management\Packages\<PackageName>.

STEP2: Click the “Status” tab.

STEP3: If there are any failures, you hit the optional retry button to resend the package to failed devices.

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