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The default dashboard is designed to provide the following information:

1. Operating System (Windows/ Android / Linux)

Displays the distribution status of the operating system that is connected to the inefi Spotlight Services.

2. Device Status (Good/ Error/ Warning/Active Management/ Disconnected)

Displays the device running status that is connected to the inefi Spotlight Services.

3. Device Model

Displays the quantity distribution of devices with their model name.


inefi Spotlight portal comes with a variety of pre-made dashboard widgets that you can use to build a specific dashboard view that meets the different needs of your business.

  1. CPU Utilization

  2. Memory Utilization

  3. Disk Utilization

  4. CPU Temperature

  5. Peripheral Status

  6. Package Assign Status

  7. Profile Assign Status


To change dashboard widgets, click the                          button.

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