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Configuring Device Management

Select the device management on the menu bar. Device management is your one-stop shop for managing all of your devices.

Managing Groups

Groups are used to logically organize your devices. The Groups page facilitates the user of high level and nested groups. A device can only belong to one single group and cannot be spread across multiple groups. Packages and profiles can be assigned to groups for mass distribution.

  • MAIN:​​ The tree on the left side shows the Group hierarchy. Click on the triangle in front of a group name to show dependent group(s). Click on a Group name to show the details on the right side of the screen.

  • UNASSIGNED: Bucket for all devices not in a group. Upon Device provision all devices will go into “UNASSIGNED”.

  • INACTIVE: This is for promotion bundle. Bucket for all devices which is not enrolled yet. User can move devices to specific group and the devices will apply auto provision once it connects to internet.

To perform an action on a group, press a group before clicking the "Action" button.

  • Create a new group: Creates a new group under the currently selected group in the tree. Click on the Create Group icon, enter the name of the group, and click on the Create button.

  • Add device: Adds a device to the currently selected group. Click on the                                             button to display a list of available devices from the UNASSIGNED  or INACTIVE section. Check the devices to add to the group and click on the                              button.

  • Reboot: Click a group, then click the Action button and select reboot. This will reboot every device in the selected group.

Add device button

Best Practice

It is recommended that you do not group Android devices built from different motherboards into the same group. This is to prevent an image update from being applied to a motherboard/model of a device that is unsupported.

Group Options

refresh button

Home icon          : Click on the Home icon to go to the top of the group hierarchy.

Refresh icon            : Click on the icon to refresh the displayed status.

Action icon                              : Click the Action icon to perform actions on groups, such as assigning a profile or a Package to a group.

Three dots        : Click on 3 dots to rename or remove the group.

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