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Configuring Device Management

Select the device management on the menu bar. Device management is your one-stop shop for managing all of your devices.

Uploading Media (Android Only)

Push content files, videos and presentations at any time to meet your business requirements. Easily upload and organize various content formats including APK, video and images files. 

  1. Simply select                               the button then choose one file type.

  2. Enter the Media name and click                   the button.

  3. You can create a Playlist by clicking the                      button, then choosing the APK/video/image in the Playlist.

  4. Go back to the Groups Tab, then select the group you would like to assign, then simply select the                   button and click the                                     button.    

  5. Choose the Playlist then click the                        button.

  6. Update the schedule details based on your business requirements and click the                    button.

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