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Configuring Device Management

Select the device management on the menu bar. Device management is your one-stop shop for managing all of your devices.

Setting Profiles

Profiles in inefi Spotlight are used to configure Android devices to a desired configuration.

You can use these settings to lock down the user experience of a device and to kiosk applications.
In order to kiosk an application, it is recommended you set the default application and disable the Android status bar, Navigation bar and Power Key.

Profile Details

In order to see the installation of a profile you need to do the following:

STEP1: Select Device Management\profiles\<PackageName>

STEP2: Click ‘Detail’

 If there are any failures you hit the optional retry button to resend the profile to failed devices.

Device Profile Details

Intel AMT Profile Details

Under the Intel AMT Profile, user can set up the AMT Features and Password.

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