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Streamlining Administration Management

The administration page is used for adding and removing users as well as performing role based access control measures.

Managing Alert

An alert can be setup to give a status emails so as to know what state a device or group of devices is in.
These fall under five categories – Good, Warning, Error, Error, Unknown

These are also color coded so they are easy recognizable, these colors are also replicated on the device management page in the far left column.

The colors are:

  • Good: Green

  • Warning: Yellow

  • Error: Red

  • Unknown: Light Grey

Multiple email addresses can be setup, personal email or group emails can be used.

STEP 1: To add an email click on the  Add

STEP2: Type your email address into the box provided press the  to confirm the email address.

STEP3: A pop up message will confirm this has been successful.

Press Add to add more emails.

The added email address will populate below, there is an option to delete the email address.

A popup message will appear when an email has been successfully deleted.

There is a counter which will let you know how many email address have been added.

It is possible to toggle the alerts on and off for each of the four categories.

For each of the five categories these can be alerted on per device or group of devices.
Per device will alert on a specific device and peripherals. 
Group devices will group devices into one single email.


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