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Select the Device Management on the menu bar. Device Management is your one-stop shop for managing all your devices.

Managing Devices

The devices table contains all your devices. If you click through a device, you will see detailed specific information around that device.

You will also do the following options:

  • App Installation: Single shot application installs on a specific device. (Windows/Android).

  • Firmware Upgrade: Single shot firmware upgrade on Windows/Android devices.

  • Command Centre: Send through System commands for devices. System commands focuses on device commands.

If your peripherals are in inefi peripheral support list, then other commands may be available in the peripherals tab.

  • Maintenance Mode: Increases the device check-in time for real-time support resolutions.

  • Reboot: Sends a single reboot command to the system.

  • Screenshot: Returns a screenshot of the primary display. To view the full-size image this can be saved.

  • ProcessList: Returns a list of processes from Windows devices, which can be sorted by CPU/Memory Usage. Click the Red        to kill a process.

  • Remote Control: Allows users to directly access the device.

  • Wipe Data: Restore Android device to factory default status.

  • Peripheral Rescan: Rescan the peripheral from Portal.

  • Unenroll Device: Remove the device from inefi Spotlight portal and return the license to the license pool.


If a device is offline when the command is sent, the device is removed from the inefi license pool, however, if the device returns online it will re-enroll.

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